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Let’s record our favourite family stories

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Do you have photos that immediately transport you back in time or connect you to a treasured family story?

Perhaps they are...

  • Still in the packets from when you had them printed
  • In boxes inherited from your parents or grandparents
  • On your fridge or in frames around your home
  • In old albums
  • On your computer

Have you ever thought about putting some of those photos into a photo safe album and recording the stories behind them?

Photo albums help us remember and connect with people and…

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Pregnancy Bump Scrapbook Layout

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Happiness Never Grows old when we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new life.  This layout celebrates the growing ‘bump’ soon to arrive in our family.
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Happiness Never Grows old when we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new life.  This layout celebrates the growing ‘bump’ soon to arrive in our family.

Take photos each month of your pregnancy

During each of my pregnancies, I had a monthly photo taken.  These photos began each of the baby albums and my kids loved seeing the…

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How to become a better storyteller in your scrapbook albums

Let’s take a walk down memory lane

  • What was the first scrapbook album you worked on?
  • How did you feel putting it together?
  • When you look back at that album what emotions does it stir for you?
  • Have you shared that album with others?
  • What was their reaction?

It’s interesting that when I’ve asked these questions of other scrapbookers no-one has ever answered with,

“Page 3 had the cutest piece of paper on it!" or

“The way I shaped and layered the border embellishments on page 1…

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Sangria - The back story to a photo


As always with old photos, there is a back story not immediately obvious on first viewing of the photo.  When I found the photo on the left hand page I just thought it was a happy family snap of mum's relatives and then I realised the significance of it.  This was the last photo taken before mum embarked on a full day's journey to join dad in New Guinea.  She must have been filled with mixed emotions leaving Melbourne for the first time to go to some wild place! She really was the adventurous o…

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A Splash of Mum and a Dash of Dad


Today's pages come out of the vault.  They were made 9 years ago but the words hold true today.  Yesterday being Mother's Day, my daughter posted a link on Facebook about how she will become like me as she grows older.  It got me thinking how similar we are and how like her grandmother she is too.  Then I remembered these pages. These are 2 more pages from my Book of Me album.  I want future generations to know the character traits that run in our family.

If you are having trouble getting started just ask your family for suggestions of how you are like your parents. If you are having trouble getting start…

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This Face, These Hands


It's Father's Day in Australia on Sunday.  My darling Dad passed away 8 years ago but I wanted to honour him here today.  This is a layout from the vault, made just a few days after his death.  Scrapbooking really is my therapy and making pages of this gorgeous man helped me get through those first hard weeks without him. My darling dad I don't have anything clever to teach you in terms of stamps, embellishments or whizz bang tools. My offering here is what I believe to be the foundation of any scrapbook page…

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