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I am the founder of Passionate About Pages, a business built on finding connections to build community.  I help people make traditional scrapbook albums to preserve their memories through photos, memorabilia and storytelling.  We have an awful lot of fun along the way!

My 20+ years in the scrapbooking industry, coupled with my teaching background make me the person who can 'Show your how'.

I can't wait to preserve memories with you, (even on a plane!)


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I am a memory keeper and a creative

Photos have been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. Mum always had a camera and recorded family milestones with it. We would put the photos into albums (those horrible photo killing peel & stick ones) and then add strips of paper to tell about them. We saved cards, tickets, maps and other memorabilia and were constantly frustrated that it was really hard to display them alongside our photos.

When I discovered quality scrapbooking albums in 2000, I had over 20 years’ worth of photos in peel and stick albums. AHHHHHHH! My photos I thought I was preserving were being destroyed by acid, chlorine gas and caustic glues. I sat for hours, removing those photos and storing them in boxes until I could make new albums that would last a lifetime

Fast forward to today and memories connected to family milestones, friendships, holidays and lots of the day to day 'stuff' of our life is recorded in my albums.  These albums are in many different sizes. My style has evolved as more tools and papers become available but my photos and the stories behind them are always central to the pages I create.

I've helped hundreds of women start and complete scrapbook albums.  Some ladies have been coming to me for the whole 20 years I've been in business, others are new and learning the basics.  All share one common bond - the desire to print their favourite photos and tell the stories that go with them so their families can enjoy the memories that matter most.


I offer face to face and online classes to teach you how to organise photos, plan projects and then create them simply and easily. 

 Beginners welcome!

Check the Classes tab for upcoming events.

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Professional Highlights

  • I have worked in the scrapbooking industry for more than twenty years as a teacher, blogger, presenter and creator of original scrapbook designs and programs.
  • I’m currently a Demonstrator with Stampin' Up!, selling products for scrapbookers, card makers and paper crafting enthusiasts. 
  • I have ranked in the top 10 for personal sales for 19 of the past 23 years
  • I have earned expense paid incentive trips to Vanuatu, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Buenos Aries and Fiji. 
  • I train and coach a team of inspiring crafters to share their paper passion with others and make money doing it.
  • I have presented to small, focus groups and at conventions and business builder conferences of up to 800 attendees.
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