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Shaunna's VIP Club

What is it?

Close To My Heart does not offer a formal customer loyalty program so I have created my own VIP Club for  my loyal customers.  I plan to share the hostess rewards I can claim from online and workshop orders amongst those of you who order regularly with me.

Congratulations to Louise and Dorothy, April winners and to Helen, Alison & Nina, May winners in Shaunna's VIP Club.

Enjoy your $30 FREE product package! 

How does the VIP club work?
  • There is no joining fee!
  • Simply place an order for $50 or more of product (before adding Stamp of the Month or other bonuses) and you will be placed on my VIP list, in date order, according to when your first order was placed.
  • At the end of the month I will calculate the total of orders placed with me and work out how much free product I am entitled to. I’ll divide this by $30 and reward one or more customers with $30 worth of FREE product.
  • Customers at the top of the list will be rewarded first
  • Customers earning the reward will get to choose what they want ordered from the Hostess Rewards program (attached)
  • The customers who have received rewards then go to the bottom of the list and other names shuffle up towards to the top. Picture an escalator, once a step reaches the top it rolls back to the bottom to begin the climb again.
  • The cycle continues each month with customers placing a minimum $50 order per month to remain in the club.
Do I have to be at an event to be part of the club?
  • No, that’s the beauty of the VIP club. You can live anywhere in Australia; so long as you place an order of $50 each month, you can earn the rewards.
  • Orders may be placed at a workshop, online for home delivery, over the phone or via email
  • If you are ordering online via my website, be sure to link your order to that month’s VIP Club EZ Gathering order when you are checking out.
What happens if I don’t order one month?
  • You remain in the club as long as you are placing an order of $50 or more each month.
  • If you are unable to order one month your name is removed from the club.
  • You can join the club again at any time by placing an order of $50 or more. Your name will be added to the bottom of the list at that time.
Can new people join the club once it is started?
  • Yes, they are added to the bottom of the list as soon as they spend $50 in a single order.
Do orders placed at a Home Gathering count towards the VIP Club?
  • No, all the Rewards go to the specified Hostess at a Home Gathering (Party)
I look forward to having you as part of my VIP Club and rewarding you with FREE products often.

Happy Scrappin'



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