Co-ordinating pages for unrelated themes

Sometimes we only have enough photos for a single page.  "WOW!" I hear you say, "Does that actually happen?"  The answer is , "Yes, occasionally."  When it does it brings the problem of needing to find a way to co-ordinate the two layouts so it remains pleasing to the eye when you turn to this page in your album.

Here are my tips for this situation...
  •  Keep the layouts simple
  • Use the same papers on both pages
  • Choose generic images or shapes for your decorations
  • Keep headings in the same style
These two pages are quite unrelated.  The left hand side is a brief summary of what happened in our house on the 11.12.13 (an auspicious date with the numbers running consecutively) and the right hand page features a fun gift my daughter found for my mum in the lead up to Christmas.


I decided plain cardstock was the go and just chose 3 bright colours I liked - I wouldn't be able to match colours to all the photos anyway.  The colours reflect my mood more than the subject matter of the photos.  I had just got my hands on this month's Stamp of the Month, Cross Stitch Wishes, so it was a done deal that they would provide the embellishments.  A girl just has to play with her new toys!

I loved using the string stamp as my journaling lines and the little Keyboard Kraft Alphabet stickers ($6.50) are an absolute favourite for me at the moment.  They just seem to fit with most layouts.

Get your Cross Stitch Wishes Stamp of the Month for just $5 with any $75 purchase during January or pay full price of $24 (S1401).  Visit to order online or email me at


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