Design Principles for Photo Placement on Scrapbook Workshop

SBW Photo Placement

Online via pre-recorded videos 

Participate anytime you like in your own home from Sept 1, 2023

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Learn how to confidently change the photo placement on scrapbook workshop pages and look like a pro doing it.

  • Discussions with the lovely ladies who joined me for Lemonade Retreat led to the focus of this online workshop. Many of you struggle with adding your photos to the designs in workshop pages.

  • Unless you print specifically for the exact photo wells on the pages, you need to adapt a little to fit the number, size and orientation of your snaps on the pages.

  • This can be time consuming and result in pages you don't completely love.

What to expect in this class

In the class, I will share several tried and tested Design Principles to help you gain confidence choosing, cropping and arranging your photos to fit within a pre-designed page pattern. I will cover…

  • Common mistakes scrapbookers make when placing photos on layouts

  • How to change the number of photos for the layout without compromising the background design

  • How to crop multiple photos, keeping some unifying dimensions that are pleasing to the eye

  • What to consider when aligning photos with paper design elements

  • When to mount a photo

  • How to use T-Square ruler

Does the class include page patterns and construction tips?

YES, I have 6 double pages I created from the Memory Lane collection that you may like to make in the same papers or in something you have in your supplies. Alternatively, pull out some pre-made pages and try the principles on those. The video below shares a bit about the layouts and the class focus.

  • I’ve chosen the Memory Lane papers because they offer the perfect backdrop for an extensive range of photo themes. They are available to purchase here until the end of August, 2023 (WSL)

  • Scroll down to view the full list of supplies I used.

When can you view the step-by-step technique videos and download the handouts?

Everyone in the Passionate About Pages Membership will receive early bird access to the full workshop on August 25 without needing to register here.

Non-members can register using this link and access the class on September 1  

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What supplies will you need?

I have used the following products.  You will find the Memory Lane products in my online shop until end of August 2023. After this time, substitute for another collection you love. Many other options available in my Close To My Heart online shop.  

  • CC7253 Memory Lane Papers & Sticker Sheet

  • Custom12 Cardstock pack with 2 each of Sage, Honey Butter, White and Desert Rose plus 4 of Harbour. Learn more about designing your own cardstock palette herek

  • Extra White Daisy cardstock for journal boxes or stamping if desired

  • Inks to match cardstock colours

  • Journaling Pens

  • Blending Brushes or sponges

  • Adhesive of choice

  • 12" Trimmer

  • Photo Trimmer

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SBW Photo Placement