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My mum lives in an aged care facility.  She has dementia.  Mum has always loved little albums filled with photos of our family.  They help her remember who we all are.  One other benefit I've discovered is that they help staff to know a bit about the person mum is and the family she belongs to.  In the past I used Creative Memories paper albums but they don't exist anymore.  I'm thrilled to have discovered the Close To My Heart Hip Pics albums (Z1956) do the job perfectly.


This isn't my work - someone very clever in head office created this stunning album but it does show you the potential for the Hip Pics if you are creative. They have used Wanderful papers.  I need to keep mine really simple for mum.  If there are bits stuck on she tends to pull them off - not sure why but it happens.  That's where stamping is fabulous.

CTMH Hip Pics Album

Each page of the Hip Pics album(Z1956) has a pocket built in for your photo to slide into and them a band of white at the bottom.  All I've done in this album is stamp directly onto the band of white using the Have a Happy Day (D1616) stamp set.

CTMH Hip Pics Album

To make sure of a good stamped image, I slid my Cuttlebug plastic plate behind the page so there was a flat surface to work on.  For best stamping results. make sure you add the foam sheet behind the page too.  Here are some of the other page decorations.

6x4 Facebook posts - Page 0276x4 Facebook posts - Page 026CTMH Hip Pics Album









I didn't get a photo of a finished page but I added a strip of Washi tape across the opening of each page in the hope mum won't pull them out!  It's OK if she does, photos are cheap and the albums are a steal at just $12.

Happy Scrappin'


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