A few of my favourite things... CTMH Ruler

This one is for all my perfectionists and for those of you who can't get things in a straight line no matter how hard you try!  I love my Close To My Heart Ruler (Z1471).


I use this tool on every page I create.  Here is why I love it...
  • The upper edge is marked in 1/8" increments which allows for very accurate measuring
  • The upper edge has a metal strip reinforcing it so if you cut with a blade, you won't damage the ruler
  • The measurements are shown across the full width and length of the rule by grid lines.  This allows you to line a grid up with the edge of a paper or photo and get an exact spacing for the next element on your page
  • It is see through so all your elements underneath it can be seen
  • It's 14" long so extends beyond your cardstock or scrapbook page
  • The lower edge has a set of holes for creating stich guides - either a zig zag pattern by piecing every hole or a straight line by piercing alternate holes.  You can thread in the holes or add pen 'stitching'.  This stitching guide is also great for lining up sparkles on your page.
  • It's only $13!
Order your ruler here

Happy Scrappin'



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