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Inspiration, motivation and accountability to keep you recording and sharing the photos and stories that matter most to you.

Simple systems to organise your digital library, plan your albums, tell the stories behind your photos and display them attractively on your scrapbook pages.

Just $44 monthly or $440 annually

Yes!  I want to be part of this!

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All you love about Passionate About Pages in the one place


Join a group of passionate memory keepers, recording stories of the people, places and things they love best through their photos in scrapbook albums.

Members only 3-hour monthly Scrap & Chat

Join Shaunna on Zoom for show and share and to crop while you chat.  No need to pack a bag or travel to class.


Step-by-step guides

Monthly FULL scrapbook workshop

with step-by-step videos and downloadable handouts for 6-8 pages hosted on Passionate About Pages website.

Members Earlybird Release

One week before general public can purchase as standalone product -Value $25

Upgrade to the 6 hour in-person workshop for just $20 - Regular price $45

Useful resources

Tips and Tricks to develop simple systems for

  • Managing your digital images
  • Planning layouts and albums
  • Telling better stories
  • Getting the most from the tools, stamps and consumables you own
  • Organising supplies

    Mini lessons exclusively   for members

What makes Passionate About Pages different to other scrapbooking memberships?

  • The focus is kept firmly on memory keeping - getting your photos and stories into albums
  • Regular challenges around more than creative output keep you focused on the process of memory keeping from choosing your photos through to writing a meaningful story and getting them onto pages
  • You are encouraged to dive into your supplies and USE them in different and unique ways
  •  Fast, Fun and Fancy styles of scrapbooking are always referenced - your style is honoured and encouraged
  • Shaunna's lively presentations offer time to smile while you learn

Sounds perfect for me.  Sign me up!


Join the private, members only, Facebook group to participate in fun challenges each month. 

  • Bite sized challenges and accountability just for members to keep you completing pages
  • These are designed to encourage you to implement the Tips and Tricks I will be sharing
  • Keep you moving forward in your album making
  • They range from organising your digital images through to story telling and page completion
  • Some will be creative challenges and others functional
  • We'll cheer each other on  in the process of documenting the stories and sharing the photos of the people, places and things we love the most.

Will you be invested in the Passionate About Pages Hall of Fame for meeting a challenge?

Shaunna Richards is Passionate About Pages

“765 photos and screenshots deleted over the week. It feels really good to have deleted those, and it is a bit addictive, want to keep going!”

Shaunna Richards is Passionate About Pages

“Thanks you for this challenge.
I found it helped in my photo taking as well. I would take less of the exact same thing knowing I would just have to delete them later.”

Shaunna Richards is Passionate About Pages

“Observations from my week of DDD
1. Have more photos on my phone of my cats and craft projects than my family🤔
2. I now delete the crappy photos as soon as I’ve taken a good one.🤩
3. I’m feeling a lot more motivated and in love with my photos than I have in years.❤️”

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