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This is Me in 2023 Album

  • As the scrapbooker in your family, do you often find yourself missing from the pages?
  • More importantly, are your stories missing from the pages?
  • Would you like someone reading your albums to learn about the everyday stuff of YOUR life right now?
  • Would you like to  complete a fun little project that shares snippets of the things you love, your day-to-day routines, activities, rituals and passions?
  • Would you like some help figuring out what to include and how do it?

Yes?  Then read on for more details.


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In a nutshell...

Unlike other albums you may have made where the focus was on recording events and milestones of the people you love or the places you've been, this time you have permission to make it all about you.

The This is Me in 2023 Online Masterclass is your opportunity to focus on completing album pages that share insight into your life in the present moment. We celebrate our love of memory keeping and allow ourselves to be the star of the album for a change.  

Once you have registered, I will provide you with a list of products to bring.   Everyone will make a 6” x 8” album using one full pack of papers, Stickers and co-ordinating cardstock  Choose the one that best matches your personality.

Every second page will be a pocket page so it’s quick to put together.

That’s all I need to know!  I’ll register now


This is Me in 2023 explained

The first part of the masterclass focusses on a list of layout prompts designed to help you decide what to include in the album  These are presented in a series of 4 short videos and you are encouraged to take time thinking about each prompt and finding or taking photos to tell the stories relating to each.

I will give you a very simple pattern to follow to pre-decorate 20 layouts for your 6” x 8” album. It's like a no brain kind of activity to just get you in the zone and start visulaising how the album will flow.

Next up, I'll share tips and tricks to make your final photo selection and help you write the stories to go with them.

You will be able to complete the entire album in a short period of time.  In person, we are doing it at a 48 hour retreat.  At home, it may take a little longer.

Sounds fun.  I'm in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask about this retreat:

Question #1 Should I only include photos taken this year?

This album is all about who you are right now so the majority of photos will be current.  If you are sharing about something like a hobby you've had a long time, then an older photo could be great.   

Question #2 Do I have to be in every photo?

You will include several photos with you in them but many of your photos will be of things, places and other people.  

Question #3 How many photos will I need?

We are working in a 6" x 8" album so you only need 1-3 photos per page.  The email sequence beginning March 10 will help guide your photo selection.

Question #4 How much journalling do I have to do?

That is completely up to you.  Some layouts will want a full story, others a list or a quote.  It's your album, you choose the content.

Question #5 Which papers will be best to use?

Choose a paper pack that has no specific theme evident in the patterns as we will be using it through the whole album and themed patterns won't work for all your photos.

Question #6 How much decoration do I have to include?

As much or as little as you like.  The album is designed so it focusses on the photos and story.  I like extra embellishments and stamping so my album includes those.  If you prefer a classic, simple design, you leave off the extras.