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Create with the Duchess – Paper Candy Masterclasses                 

Learn how to make decorative clusters to add to your pages and cards using bits and bobs you have in your crafty stash.

Each month for 6 months I will teach you to make one each of the following using different techniques

Page title or large card greeting

Large decorative element

Small decorative elements

Decorative journaling spaces

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The Duchess shares a little about this course 


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The Paper Candy masterclass series is for you if you 

  • Develop your creativity making interesting titles and embellishment cluster for your album pages and cards
  • Use up left-over stickers, bling, ribbons and PML cards
  • Revisit stamps in your collection and use them in different ways
  • Make quick and easy pages with lots of room for photos
  • Create one-of-a-kind cards                                         

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Paper Candy

6 Classes

New Class released on 2nd Wednesday of the month


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What's covered in each module?

The following lists give an overview of what to expect in each module. 

Module 1  The basics ...Shapes, sizes & textures of elements.  Layering tips.

Module 2 Tags - dress them up, add layers, vary the shape

Module 3 Glitter - add sparkle and shine to your paper candy.

Module 4 Stamping - take one stamp set and use it in a variety of ways

Module 5 Frames - flat, raised and shaker elements

Module 6 Interactive - paper candy that moves!!


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